Sony and Microsoft’s banter continues as Shuhei Yoshida responds to Xbox One

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Hours before the reveal of Microsoft’s Xbox One yesterday, the official Twitter account for PlayStation Europe commented how May 21st was turning out to be a “slow news day” for gamers, despite the fact that the Xbox One announcement bomb was about to drop later that day.

Xbox UK frontman Graeme Boyd replied in good humour and the two Twitter accounts swapped friendly jabs before calling it quits.

Now that Xbox One has been revealed, former Game Informer and IGN writer Jim Reilly asked the president of worldwide Studios at Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, what he thought of the Xbox One, to which Yoshida replied:

Naturally, this is all in good fun and it’s great to see such a giant in the videogame industry take a moment to give us a good chuckle.

Do you think these kinds of exchanges will turn ugly in the months to come, if not from key personalities at Xbox and SCE, but from their public relations efforts and marketing strategies?

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