Trololololol: Sony calls May 21st a “slow news day,” directs followers to PS4 teaser video [Update]

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[Update] Microsoft has today formally announced the Xbox One – get the details on its games and features with our round-up over here. [End of Update]

Given the high stakes of today’s next generation Xbox reveal and Sony’s attempts to draw attention away from the event, this one was too good to pass up.

Sony gave us our first (blurry) look at the PlayStation 4 console yesterday with the release of a teaser video, promising that the official reveal of the box would arrive during E3 on June 10th. Today, a clever artist put together some of the clues included in that video to form a picture of what the PS4 might actually look like (take a look over here and let us know what you think).

More recently, the European PlayStation Twitter account earlier tweeted that today, May 21st, has been a “slow news” day and aimed to spice things up by redirecting our attention towards yesterday’s teaser video:

Why is this so galling? Well, it’s just that Microsoft is due to reveal its next generation Xbox today making it one of the least slow news days for videogames in quite some time.

We’re looking forward to more feathers flying in the coming hours, weeks and days leading up to E3 next month as Sony and Microsoft are no doubt going to take every opportunity to one-up the other.

[Update 1]

Xbox frontman in the UK, Graeme Boyd, has responded to the tweet by PlayStation Europe saying:

Feathers continue to fly.

[End of Update 1]

[Update 2]

PlayStation Europe has had a good bit of fun with its own response to Graeme Boyd, writing:

To which Boyd replied:


With one more reply from PlayStation Europe:


Aw, ain’t that sweet? All in good humour, we would say, but hopefully it doesn’t end in tears.

[End of Update 2]

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