Confirmed:Deathstroke to be a playable character in Batman: Arkham Origins

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Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed that one of The Batman’s arch enemies, Deathstroke, will be playable in Batman: Arkham Origins as part of a pre-order incentive promotion.

Deathstrok will be fully playable in the challenge mode of the game, and will come complete with his own weapons and special moves. Two additional challenge maps will be included in the Deathstroke pack, as well as two alternate Deathstroke character skins.

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Extra playable characters in the recent Batman action adventure games from Rocksteady aren’t anything new – we played as Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin in Batman: Arkham City – but a newly unveiled pre-order promotion at Amazon has revealed that we’ll be switching sides again in the forthcoming game based on the Dark Knight’s escapades.

According to an image that surfaced on, if you pre-order Batman: Arkham Origins from the retailer you’ll receive the chance to play as one of the key villains in the game, Deathstroke, as your reward:


Naturally, has since rescinded the offer and the pre-order page now lies dull with regular information, but you can bet your bottom dollar (and more) that this incentive will surface again, perhaps closer to the launch of Batman: Arkham Origins on October 25th.

Do you think the playable Deathstroke character will be a full side story like Catwoman, or just a bunch of extra challenge missions?

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