The Bandits of Borderlands 2 are preparing for Krieg’s arrival with special events this weekend

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The Bandits of Pandora are concerned… they can “feel” that something big is coming… something familiar, but altogether terrifying…

Krieg is coming soon to Borderlands 2 on May 14th, and the Bandits are restless!

Even though the Bandits may not know the exact form of destruction that awaits them, they’re still preparing for whatever challenges that they may face in the coming week by ramping up production of their gear, which means an increase in loot drops when playing Borderlands 2 online from today, May 10th, until May 13th.

There are also reports of an increased population of Badass Psychos in Lynchwood, Thousand Cuts and Eridium Blight, so beware…

Will you be playing Borderlands 2 this weekend to take advantage of these new events in Pandora, while brushing up on your skills to get ready for Krieg next week? He’s coming, and he can’t wait to ‘meat’ you.

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