‘Father of the PlayStation’ becomes uncle of Marvelous AQL

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It’s been announced that Ken Kutaragi, famed as the ‘Father of the PlayStation’ and ex-Sony executive, has joined Marvelous AQL as an External Director and will begin in his new position from June.

According to a recent Nikkei report, Kutaragi will help Marvelous AQL grow its business both in Japan and foreign markets thanks to his expertise in the videogame industry.

Who or what is Marvelous AQL?

Following an October 2011 merger of three respected Japanese videogame companies and initiatives, namely Marvelous Entertainment (Harvest Moon), AQ Interactive (Bullet Witch, Vampire Rain) and LiveWare (a Marvelous online initiative), the formation of Marvelous AQL was announced to combine the strengths and portfolios of these companies under one banner.

While individually each company has only reached moderate levels of success, with certain standout franchises such as Harvest Moon now included in the portfolio, the addition of Kutaragi (and the acquisition of North American publisher, XSEED Games) will no doubt strengthen the outlook of Marvelous AQL and its ambitions in the West.

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