Now what is Bethesda Softworks teasing? Strange sci-fi image appears [Update]

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Looks like the rumours were right – Bethesda has formally announced Wolfenstein: The New Order with a debut trailer! Catch it here.

[End of Update]

Let’s go on a quick wild goose chase together for a moment. It may not bear fruit, but we can promise the excitement of speculation…

A few moments ago, and following on from its recent round of The Evil Within hints, Bethesda Softworks (Elder Scrolls V: SKyrim, Fallout 3) sent out a teaserly image made up of three seemingly CG or in-engine shots from a game project of some description. After the tease was sent out, the team wrote on Twitter:

Here’s that image:


So… put your best thinking cap on and start speculating with us. Could this be something to do with id Software’s next project? The re-reveal of Prey 2? Perhaps DLC for Dishonored?

Why would Bethesda Softworks put out a teaser image for something the team isn’t working on if it wasn’t a project under the Zenimax umbrella?

Let us know your theories, we’ll be finding out more details in the next hour.

[Update 1]

Another teaser image has been released – what does this look like to you?


[End of Update2 ]

[Update 2]

Another teaser image has appeared, and speculation surrounding the reveal is heavily pointing towards an announcement of the new Wolfenstein game. Do you agree?


[End of Update 2]

[Update 3]

And the final piece of the puzzle:


[End of Update 3]


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