Report: Call of Duty teaser site building towards a ghostly reveal [Update]

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There is a belief in the Call of Duty community at the moment that the next game in the series won’t be a continuation of the Modern Warfare series, nor the Black Ops franchise, but studios under Activision (with Infinity Ward as primary developer) are currently hard at work on something called ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts.’


Retailers in the US and the UK seem to believe that Ghosts is a real product having listed it in promotional material and with pre-order information, but is this a legitimate game?

The official Call of Duty website recently went live with a teaser site that is currently building a mysterious mosaic image built from the icons of Facebook and Twitter users who have volunteered their images to the cause. What is the image building towards?

This is where the sources become less reliable, but no less intriguing

The mosaic being built using a base, template image that someone has uncovered – it looks like this:


Hmm… Whatever could it mean. It has the word ‘Ghosts’ in there. And it says that these ghosts are ‘real.’ Hmm.

Recent rumours doing the rounds point to a reveal of Call of Duty: Ghosts very soon, and even as early as May 1st. Do you believe in these ‘real’ ghosts? Is this the next game from Activision and Infinity Ward?

Here’s what the current mosaic looks like:


[Update 1]

The Image is building very rapidly – if it continues on at this rate, it’ll be complete within the next half a day.


[End of Update 1]

[Update 2]

The image has been completed – what do you see?


[End of Update2]

What do you hope to be revealed by Activision and Infinity Ward this week?

[Update 3]

Another layer has been added to the mosaic image:


[End of Update3]

Source: iPREDiTO on Twitter

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