PS4 developers discuss DualShock 4 features in new video

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DualShock 4 Banner

Sony’s DualShock controller has come a long way since it first entered the Japanese market in late 1997. Each new iteration of the DualShock has introduced new features such as the DualShock 2’s analog buttons with multiple levels of sensitivity and the DualShock 3’s Sixaxis functionality and PlayStation button.

The DualShock 4 will launch alongside the PS4 later this year and promises to be the biggest upgrade to a PlayStation controller we’ve seen in a long time – boasting refinements such as concave analog sticks and more trigger-like shoulder buttons which should please fans of shooters and racers. Other features worth getting excited about include the DualShock 4’s built-in speaker and touchpad which opens up a vast range of new controller interface possibilities.

Earlier today Sony released a new promotional video for the PS4 featuring developers discussing what makes the DualShock 4 a cut above its predecessor.

Take a look below:

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