El33t’s Question of the Day: What are your predictions for the Xbox reveal?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

After a bit of a patient waiting game Microsoft has finally announced plans to unveil its next generation Xbox on May 21st at a formal event in Redmond, Washington, with the proceedings streamed online around the world.

While this in itself is no doubt an exciting announcement, we’re already looking forward to seeing and hearing what Microsoft has to tell everybody about its next console. This Question of the Day (inspired in part by Zhameer Hashim) is:

What are your predictions for the Xbox reveal?

Regarding the upcoming reveal of the Xbox, Zhameer (aka Trebzz) wrote on our Facebook page:

“I bet you it will just be Blu ray and a new Halo game and the end.”

While Zhameer’s prediction was partly facetious, it may prove to be scarily accurate.

What are your predictions for the Xbox reveal? What will Microsoft show at the event and what known franchises and developers will showcase the new hardware? What boundaries will Microsoft push in terms of services and connecting gamers to one another?

What do you hope to see on May 21st?

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