EA Sports invites you to ‘Run Free’ with the first NFL 25 gameplay video

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Madden 25 Banner Logo

EA and EA Sports may have stuck a ‘work-in-progress’ disclaimer image over this debut gameplay footage for Madden NFL 25, but it looks impressive enough to be in the final release of the game!

Watch the super stylish Madden NFL 25 trailer below to get your first look at the game in motion as EA Sports showcases one of its focusses this year, the fluidity of ‘Run Free’ gameplay:

Madden NFL 25 – Run Free Gameplay Trailer

In addition to the debut trailer, EA Sports announced that the cover of Madden NFL 25 will feature the visage of former Detroit Lions running back, Barry Saunders, thanks to a record-setting voting period where football fans could let EA know who they wanted on the box this year.

Senior Director of Marketing for EA Sports, Anthony Stevenson said of the vote:

“The Madden NFL franchise has such a rich tradition and history, and there’s no better way to celebrate our 25th Anniversary than by having one of the best players of all-time on the cover. Barry Sanders has long been a fan favorite, so we’re proud to have him as the face of Madden NFL 25.”

Madden NFL 25 is out on August 27th in the US across Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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