Mario Golf: World Tour includes online competitive play and tournament leaderboards

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In the world of videogames, there exists a very special kind of player who only enjoys very specific kinds of sports games, be they soccer, football, tennis or golf themed titles. In this sub-group of gamers, there also exists a base of players who only enjoy sports games created by Nintendo. Then, there are those who only enjoy Mario Golf games.

If you’re one of these players, then Mario Golf: World Tour will make it very easy for you to find “like-minded” people, as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata diplomatically put it, thanks to the 3DS game’s online functionality.

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Mario Golf: World Tour will feature online competitive play to effortlessly connect with and play against other Mario Golf fans, while large-scale tournaments are on the cards thanks to the game’s leaderboard support.

Nintendo has also created a community system where you’re able to invite others to play in matches with special conditions that you can set, including turning off special shots or forcing everyone to use the same character on a specific course.

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Watch below to see Iwata spelling out all of the online features of Mario Golf: World Tour for 3DS, with gameplay footage included:

Mario Golf World Tour – Nintendo Direct Footage

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