The teasing ends tomorrow as Bethesda sends out one last video clue

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Bethesda Game Tease 3 Image

Bethesda Softworks has been having a lot of fun this week, first by revealing that the remainder of its Skyrim support team has moved onto the studio’s next big project, then by releasing a series of teaser videos that allude in some way to something the developer is working on.

Tomorrow, the teasing stops.

Bethesda says that there will be an announcement of some kind tomorrow, April 19th, but simultaneously released one last video to try and clue us into what it could be – here’s the video:

Talk ramped up this week regarding the possibility of another Wolfenstein game in the works, and the videos certainly fit that particular universe with the oppressive barbed wire, century old music references and creepy imagery.

What do you think Bethesda (or a team under the Bethesda umbrella) is working on next?

Source: Bethesda on Twitter

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