Pikmin 3 dated for August as new flying Pikmin are revealed

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The arrival of Pikmin 3 has been a long time coming and Nintendo has been stringing us along by slowly revealing new types of Pikmin creatures that will help us in our diminutive garden adventures.

During the latest Nintendo Direct livestream event hosted by president Satoru Iwata, we received an extended glimpse at another new Pikmin type which was followed up with a date announcement (at long last!).

Pikmin 3 Screenshot 1

The new creatures are called ‘Winged Pikmin,’ and were cheekily included in last year’s E3 showcase video for a brief second. Today, however, we’ve got the full reveal with a gameplay trailer and screenshots:

Pikmin 3: Pink Pikmin Announcement and Gamplay Footage

Pikmin 3 Screenshot 2

Pikmin 3 Screenshot 3

Pikmin 3 Screenshot 4

In addition, Nintendo revealed that Pikmin 3 will launch on August 4th in North America, exclusively on Wii U (naturally).

Here’s the box art you’ll need to keep an eye out for while scanning retail shelves for Pikmin 3, but the game will also be made available as a digital download on launch day.

Pikmin 3 Box Art

Pikmin 3 Box Art

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