New AR title Table Mini Golf out now on PS Vita, debut screens inside

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Table Mini Golf Screenshot 2

One of the PS Vita’s strengths that’s often touted by Sony is its augmented reality potential. There have already been a few cheap AR titles released for the handheld and this week sees another enter the arena.

Table Mini Golf was released yesterday on the European PlayStation Store and costs just R20. It essentially terraforms any flat surface into an undulating mini golf course and requires only a single AR card.

The base game includes two 18-hole courses themed around pirates and horror respectively, while the ‘Toy Land’ course pack will cost you an extra R10.

Table Mini Golf can be enjoyed in singleplayer mode where you can climb online leaderboards or alternatively join up to three friends in a ‘pass and play’ Elimination Tournament.

Here’s the first batch of screenshots for PS Vita’s latest AR title:

Table Mini Golf Screenshot 3

Table Mini Golf Screenshot 4

Table Mini Golf Screenshot 6

Table Mini Golf Screenshot 5

Table Mini Golf Screenshot 1

Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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