Massive price cuts drop Wii U to 50% off at Toyzone stores in South Africa

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That little mill of rumours was at it again recently when I caught wind of a tale that Wii U consoles were going for half-price at Toyzone stores around South Africa.

Wii U Console

A quick look at the Toyzone website did not reveal any fanfare about this, but after some further digging and a visit to this Facebook page I finally confirmed the rumours, at least in part:

The Wii U 8GB is going for R1500 whereas the Wii U 32GB is going for R2500. To put cynical minds at rest, I have a close friend who personally popped in to the Durban branch and picked himself up one of the 32GB consoles for the price of R2500.

If you were ever interested in getting one of these consoles but could not justify the hefty price tag, now is a good time to get cracking – at this price the stock probably won’t last for very long!

Does this bode well for Nintendo’s financial success with the Wii U console or is this the beginning of the end? Only time will tell but grab it while it’s hot – maybe grab a second one and keep it sealed in a vacuum chamber for twenty years and then drop it on Gumtree for a hefty price tag…

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