H33rsay: Latest 3DS firmware improves game performance

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When it comes to console firmware updates you have the people who detest them and those who welcome them. Personally I fall into the latter group as I don’t mind spending a few extra minutes downloading an update if it means a better user experience on that particular console.

Now it appears as though the 3DS firmware update released at the end of last month did more than just improve the way background downloads are handled and add a save data transfer tool. Multiple 3DS users on NeoGAF are reporting that certain games have shorter load times and smoother frame rates after the update, which indicates that Nintendo has somehow raised the clock speed of the 3DS (as Sony did with the PSP) or made other optimisations to the system software which improve game performance. Some of the titles said to benefit from these tweaks include Luigi’s Mansion 2, Sonic Generations, Rayman 3D and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Have you experienced any game performance improvements after updating your 3DS to the latest firmware? Let us know in the comments.

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