Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game for April 11th

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Calling all gamers! Calling all gamers! Get those thinking caps on because it’s time for Guess the Game! Last week I challenged you with a double dose of games, but we’re back to normal this week.

Let’s have a look at the answers from last week:

  • 1.) Psychotoxic – 2005
  • 2.) Space Harrier – 1985
  • 3.) Turok: Dinosaur Hunter – 1997
  • 4.) Virtua Cop 2 – 1995
  • 5.) Cold Fear – 2005
  • 6.) Kill Switch – 2003
  • 7.) Dark Sector – 2008
  • 8.) Herby – 1984 (Commodore 64)

So how many did you guess correctly? Now onto this week’s challenge:

Game 1:

Guess the Game: April 11th - Image 1

I tried to keep first-person shooters out of this week, but this one was just too good not to include. This game was the first one I played that allowed you to drive a jeep. It was a challenge with everything going on. It will be back in HD… I hope.

Game 2:

Guess the Game: April 11th - Image 2

This game kept me busy for days. Maybe this is the reason for all my ‘subway’ systems I am building in Minecraft. I keep thinking back to this one. It had some classic humour in it.

Game 3:

Guess the Game: April 11th - Image 3

This game was a classic point-n-click game. I remember my dad and I were looking for this game all over Atlanta when we where in the US – it had just came out and it was sold out everywhere. I just started playing this one on my Android tablet via ScummVM.

Game 4:

Guess the Game: April 11th - Image 4

Now this game is really awesome. If you like hack ‘n slash games, then this one you have to play – it was really awesome. I couldn’t stop playing it and I didn’t want to do anything except play this awesome game. I still need to get my hands on the sequel.

Game 5:

Guess the Game: April 11th - Image 5

OK, I expect everyone to get this game. It is truly a classic and I am still waiting for them to make a third one in the series. Back in the day, I didn’t like the idea of the game, but when I played it I was hooked.

Bonus Game:

Guess the Game: April 11th - Image 6

This game was awesome. Simple controls, hours of fun. I am actually also playing this on my phone at the moment, just the controls of the emulator are not as responsive as I would like them to be.

How many of these games have you played? Good luck with this week’s challenge!

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