Halo 4 multiplayer statistics reveal billions of kills, millions of players, and lots of stolen flags

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Are you one of the 11.6 million people who have played Halo 4 online? Have you ever been rude enough to steal someone else’s vehicle – while they were using it – contributing to a startling number of hijacked contraptions found in the Halo universe?

Microsoft has revealed some very interesting statistics that paint an interesting picture of everyone’s behaviour (and skills) online. While playing Halo 4 online, players have accumulated lots of kills, assassinations, headshots and more – get all the numbers below:

11.6 million people have played Halo 4, and while doing so there have been:

  • 11.7 billion kills

  • 388 million headshots

  • 193 million assassinations

  • 4.4 million air assassinations

  • 30 million captured flags

  • 64 million hijacked vehicles

Are you still playing Halo 4 online? Which of these statistics do you regularly contribute towards?

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