EA Sports unleashes debut Madden NFL 25 screenshot – looks slick?

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Madden 25 Banner Logo

The next entry to the massively popular Madden series of American Football games is only due out on August 27th, but EA Sports has proudly unleashed the very first screenshot for Madden NFL 25 to give franchise fans a peek at what’s to come…

Behold, the debut in-game image for Madden NFL 25!

Madden NFL 25 Screenshot

Impressive! Or should I say… impressive? I’m not entirely au fait with the Madden series so you’re going to need to tell me if Madden NFL 25 is looking remarkably better than last year’s release.

The lighting system looks great and the characters appear very detailed, while the screenshot also seems to showcase EA Sports’ continued investments in realistic player collisions – very important for a contact game!

Are you a fan of the Madden series or even a player of sports games in general? Or couldn’t you care less about the annual entries to the series?

Find out about the decision to append this year’s edition of Madden (the game) with a ‘25’ rather than ‘14’ in the sequence over here.

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