Debut Dark Souls II screenshots arrive ahead of full video reveal – majestic images inside

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I love the idea of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. The concept behind these intense action RPGs is something that appeals to my inner gamer sensibilities like very few I’ve come across. How the games are able to simultaneously punish and reward you for your efforts, while constantly encouraging you – daring you – to progress through their excruciatingly detailed play spaces is a marvellous achievement on the part of From Software.

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot Splash Banner Image

Demon’s Souls, however, rejected my efforts after a dozen hours of play, and the tales that I’ve heard from Dark Souls players do nothing to tempt me back into the fold… but I still cling onto the hope that I will return some day.

After staring at the debut screenshots for Dark Souls II and envisaging the terrors and adventures waiting in From Software’s latest title, I’m hoping that the day of my return comes very soon.

Ahead of a full reveal soon, you too can enjoy the majesty and promise of the very first in-game images from Dark Souls II, below:

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 1

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 2

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 3

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 4

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 5

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 6

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 7

Dark Souls 2 Screenshot 8

Does it look like a Dark Souls game? Very definitely. Is this a bad thing? Definitely not.

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