These five winners will each receive a piece of Bioshock Infinite!

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The launch of Bioshock Infinite has come and gone, but discussion over Irrational Games’ latest first-person action epic continues as fans debate the game’s story and meaning, while weighing up their most favourite moments in this unforgettable masterpiece.

While Bioshock Infinite is in no danger of submerging below a flood of future game releases any time soon, El33tonline and Megarom Games were still keen to provide a few mementos to ensure you remember the game for years to come.

After consulting our randomising robot, Dr. Choosy, and running ‘him’ out of puff with five requests, we were provided with the following winners…

Well done to Nadine Franzsen who has won herself an amazing Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition on PlayStation 3, and a hearty congratulations to the following winners, too:

  • Bioshock T-Shirt, plus Elizabeth and Boys of Silence figurine winners:

    • Delia Spengler and Dion Kets
  • Bioshock T-shirt winners:

    • Niel Basson and Shafeeq Mallick

Bioshock Infinite Competition Image

Thanks of course go to everyone for entering the competition and spreading the word, and special thanks to Megarom Games for providing the awesome prizes to give away to our excellent community!

If you haven’t yet picked up Bioshock Infinite, be sure to read El33tonline’s review of the epic to find out what you’re missing.

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