You’ll finally get to increase your Borderlands 2 level cap today – get the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack right now!

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Even though Borderlands 2 has been out for a little over six months, it still feels as though an age has passed since players started yearning for an increase to the standard level cap. Currently set at level 50, Gearbox Software has heard our cries for more levels to grind through and has released the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack!

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What exactly does the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack do? Not only does it (finally) increase the standard level cap from 50 to 61, it will also unlock a third playthrough of Borderlands 2 via the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, while also making available a new pearlescent weapons tier, said to be the rarest in all of Pandora.

President of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford said:

“Millions of vault hunters have spent countless hours adventuring their way through the Borderlands 2 universe. Raising the level cap takes a significant amount of man hours, but we know fans are eager to continue looting Pandora, and so we’re rewarding our Season Pass holders by offering the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack for free as a part of the celebration.”

Will you be taking advantage of the new level cap in Borderlands 2? Do you have a few favourite characters you’ve maxed out to 50 and wish to go on new adventures with?

Don’t forget that we’ll be getting more Borderlands 2 goodness soon with the release of a new character class and another story add-on – get the details on those over here.

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