What is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Teaser trailer holds a legitimate secret

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Banner Logo (Temp)

We’ve heard about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon before, something that was previously believed to be a downloadable add-on to Ubisoft’s first-person open-world action game. Problem is, the only information that’s been scraped together regarding the content has come from an Australian age ratings website, as well as Achievement leaks and Xbox Marketplace listings.

With the release of an elaborate April Fool’s teaser trailer and hoax website, however, Blood Dragon has moved one step closer to being formally announced. For real.

The banner image above was taken from a fully fledged hoax website, created and hosted on Ubisoft’s domain, that speaks about Blood Dragon as though it was an insane and ill-conceived sci-fi movie – the reviewers, apparently, loved it.

Embedded in the recently released teaser trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, however, is an image that appears for a split-second before being whisked away by static and colour separation – here’s what to look out for:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Screenshot Capture

Now comes your real test: Watching through the entire Blood Dragon teaser trailer below and not believing a second of it, except for the split-second image above:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – The year is 2007, it is the future

So just what is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, other than an excellent April Fool’s ruse? We’re sure to find out very soon.

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