The fabled Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Title Update 9 is out this week!

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Banner Logo

It wasn’t too long ago that the fabled ‘Title Update 9’ for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was being touted with a trailer featuring all of the epic exploits you’ll be getting up to with the next patch, along with a healthy list of fixes and additions players can expect with the update.

It has been a long time, however, that we’ve been hearing about the patch, as well as the inclusion of that ‘Enderdragon’ fellow. Developer 4J Studios has finally revealed when we’ll be getting in on that action.

In a Twitter posting, 4J wrote:

“TU9 has passed Cert testing! The Microsoft LIVE team has scheduled the TU9 roll out for Friday 5th April. The End is nigh”

So, that’s the date: April 5th is when you can expect Title Update 9 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to arrive. Let’s remind ourselves what we’ve been looking forward to with that epic trailer:

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – Title Update 9 Trailer

And here’s a reminder of the kinds of changes and additions that will be squeezed into the game, with the full patch notes.

Looking forward to Title Update 9?

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