Latest The Last of Us trailer reveals new characters, settings and action – ghoulish scenes included

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The Last of Us from Naughty Dog is a story of survival, as what remains of the human population struggles against an encroaching and mysterious zombie-like menace that has infected and overrun the world.

The Last of Us is also a story of mankind’s struggle for survival against itself, as desperate factions form to more efficiently collect food and supplies while stragglers with valuables are sooner attacked and raided than welcomed into their new cliques with open arms.

The Last of Us Banner Logo

The latest extended trailer for The Last of Us reveals the desperate measures that a very specific collection of survivors will go through in order to survive, with ghoulish and violent actions deemed necessary to live another day – the video isn’t for the squeamish:

The Last of Us – Extended Red Band Trailer

You can also see how the above action was cut for a recent US-aired TV commercial:

The Last of Us TV Spot #1 – The Walking Dead Spot

The Last of Us is out on June 14th, exclusive to PlayStation 3, with a demo going out exclusively to owners of God of War: Ascension on May 31st.

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