H33rsay: Yu Sukuzi working with Sony to help produce Shenmue III?

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The Shenmue series is a source of both joy and sadness for many fans, as it was originally intended to be a trilogy but didn’t sell well enough for Sega to greenlight Shenmue III. The worst part is that Shenmue II ended on a cliffhanger, meaning that fans of the series have been stuck in narrative limbo ever since the game’s release over ten years ago.

Earlier this year it was rumoured that Shenmue creator and legendary game designer Yu Suzuki was considering turning to Kickstarter to help fund the third entry in the series. Now it appears as though Suzuki is also in talks with Sony to potentially bring the game to PS4 after the General Manager of Game Developers Conference events tweeted a picture of Suzuki and the PS4’s lead system architect Mark Cerny “talking strategy for Shenmue III.”

Here’s the tweet:

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Shenmue fans are still waiting for the first two games to be remastered in HD for current-gen platforms but Sega has so far been silent on the matter.

Would you back Shenmue III if a Kickstarter initiative was launched for it? Let us know in the comments.

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