El33t P33k: Hands-on with Loadout from Edge of Reality

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I recently received my PC beta code for the game Loadout, a free-to-play online third-person shooter that claims to offer over 50 million customization options, which covers both character and weapon customizations.

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Characters can be customized with a wide array of hats, clothing, hairstyles, footwear and accessories along with some funny taunts. Weapon customisation includes paint changes as well as barrels, triggers and elements like Tesla (shock), Pyro (flame), Slug (direct damage) healing and juicing (a team buff), across a total of six slots.

You’ll always start with a weapon chassis (rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, etc.) and then upgrade from there into some crazy options. You can, for example, make a rifle that launches a bouncing fireball gun, or even a rapid fire shotgun with some tesla shocking effects. After customization you can jump into a test chamber and see what your new weapon feels like – training dummies will be awaiting your shots and you can clearly see the damage effects on them.

Loadout Screenshot 1

You start with limited options and only a couple of weapon save slots, but after a few matches you will get enough space-bucks to unlock more options than you can ever imagine. Space-bucks can also be purchased via the Steam wallet, but I didn’t feel the need to pay to win. If you ever played Team Fortress 2 or Monday Night Combat, you will feel right at home with the zany over-the-top action and funny animations – watch an in-development gameplay preview to get an idea of the action:

Loadout – Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Game modes in Loadout include:

  • Death Snatch: Basically Team Deathmatch.

  • Blitz: Like King of the Hill, but the control point moves around the map after every successful capture.

  • Extraction: A random player is assigned the role of ‘collector’ who must then collect blue crystals on the field and return them to base while the others protect him. Roles switch on death.

  • Jackhammer: Capture the Flag, but the flag is a giant hammer that can be used as a weapon

Loadout Screenshot 2

While still in beta, Loadout looks and feels extremely fun and polished. Minor balancing issues are still being worked on but overall it’s huge fun and looks beautiful.

Loadout is in development at Edge of Reality, and is due out later this year. You can sign up for the beta at the official website (after I signed up I received my key within a week).

What do you think of Loadout? Will you be getting into this beta?

Loadout Screenshot 3

Loadout Screenshot 4

Loadout Screenshot 5

Loadout Screenshot 6

Loadout Screenshot 7

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