El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Mini-holidays and marshmallow Easter eggs

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The Easter weekend is almost here and it should provide us with a good chunk of time to spend quality moments with our loved ones and take a bit of a breather from work. It’s been a busy week as far as the videogame world is concerned, with tons of new game announcements from PAX East and GDC including heavy-hitters such as Battlefield 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5.

As we wind down the last few hours of the working week, here’s what members of the El33t Crew will be getting up to over the next few days:



Not only have we had a bunch of short weeks and LONG weekends, it is about to get even better on a number of levels:

  • 1.) We get to eat chocolate unapologetically this weekend

  • 2.) Friday AND Monday are holidays

  • 3.) I am on leave until NEXT Tuesday (that’s a long LONG break) so it’s time for quality time with my little ones and my wife

  • 4.) There’s rugby!

  • 5.) Weather looks great!

  • 6.) This is the spiritually most significant time of the year for me!

Hope you guys all have as great a break as I intend to have!

And on that note, I am looking forward to playing Terraria (2D
Minecraft?) and possibly squeezing in The Walking Dead too…”

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“It’s finally time for my investments to pay dividends this weekend and time debts to be repaid so that… well, I got a lot further with that financial metaphor than I thought I would, but now it’s time for plain English: I went and bought Tomb Raider and God of War: Ascension last week, but this weekend I’ll actually be able to remove the plastic wrapping.

PS Plus has also been extraordinarily good to me so there are more than a few games I’ve downloaded but haven’t had a chance to play just yet, so I’ll be dipping into a few choice titles there, too.

I hope for there to be some good times with friends and perhaps even a few moments spent on the beach, but otherwise I’ll be content with some good games with which to while away the hours. It’s been a long time.

Enjoy your respective long and regular weekends, everybody, I hope you have a great time no matter what!”

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“It’s a long weekend here in South Africa, so I’ll be enjoying some extra time relaxing and I have some awesome new games to help me out with that plan!

It’s going to be tough to choose between Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC, and LEGO City Undercover, but I’ll be sure to carve some time out for each of them over the next four days. In between that there’s Easter to remember and hopefully some sunshine to enjoy too.

Have an awesome break everyone, we may be heading off for a bit but we’ve got some awesome content lined up to keep you entertained so do pop in and visit us. And don’t forget to enjoy at least one marshmallow chocolate Easter egg too, doctor’s orders!”

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Tiger Woods 14 has hit the radar and I’ll be playing quite a bit of that. Sniper Ghost Warrior is proving to be a pretty awesome game. I am halfway through Assassin’s Creed 2.

It’s Easter so we will be bingeing on chocolate and, of course, thanking Jesus for his sacrifice for us dodgy sinners.

Hopefully the weather is nice so that I can get the kids out the house for some riding. We’ll give swimming a miss because the sniffles are really taking their toll on the future superheroes. They do have Lego Pirates of the Caribbean to play.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic and blessed Easter.”

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“It almost seems too good to be true that yet another long weekend is upon us, so I’ll be spending the extended break making some headway in Persona 4 Golden and enjoying lamb on the spit with my immediate family on Easter Sunday.

I’ve also got a new anime show to watch (FLCL) and am busy listening to the audiobook for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is my film of the year so far. I may not be in an old age home (yet) but it’s still nice having someone do all the reading for you…

There’s a possibility that my wife and I will be fighting over the PS Vita this long weekend as she’s just started playing Persona 3 Portable. We’ll just have to settle who gets to play on it with a quick versus match in Dead or Alive 5!

I hope you p33ps all have a great respite from work over the next few days!”

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What are your plans for the long weekend?

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