Battlefield 4 trailer receives more views than any Call of Duty reveal, says ex-Treyarch community manager

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What did you think of that debut (and massive) gameplay trailer for Battlefield 4? Impressive, right? Almost 3.5 million Youtube users thought exactly the same thing.

Battlefield 4 Artwork Image

After launching onto Youtube on March 27th (yesterday), the debut Battlefield 4 video has racked up 3 458 773 views (at last count), making it one of the fastest trending videos on the service. More importantly for EA, however, the video has enjoyed more views in a shorter period of time than any previous Call of Duty reveal. According to who? According to a man who would know.

Previously serving as community manager at Call of Duty developer, Treyarch, Josh Olin has taken to Twitter to let us know that Battlefield 4’s reveal is currently outpacing any Call of Duty debut before it, writing:

“Impressive. The #Battlefield4 trailer is racking up views faster than any previous CoD reveal”

This is great news for EA leading into the battle for supremacy at the end of the year, when the titans of the game industry traditionally go up against each other. With 3.5 million pairs of eyes having seen the Battlefield 4 trailer and no doubt come away impressed (how could you not?), Activision will have an uphill fight on its hands trying to instil the same level of awe in its fans later this year (especially if the next Call of Duty is based on older technology).

How do you think the fight between Battlefield and Call of Duty will play out leading up to the holiday period this year?

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