God of War: Ascension update 1.03 now available, introduces changes to singleplayer and multiplayer

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God of War: Ascension Patch Screenshot 4

God of War: Ascension has been out in the wild for just over two weeks and Sony Santa Monica is showing its commitment to the long-term success of the game by issuing a patch to address some of the issues raised by the community.

Update 1.03 is now available worldwide and introduces some tweaks to the singleplayer campaign by providing extra green and blue orbs during the “Trial of Archimedes” section (Chapter 28) towards the end of the game.

The patch also introduces 8 additional tints for players to customise their multiplayer characters with, as well as the following six ‘marks’ which resemble fluorescent tribal tattoos:

  • Mark of the Thief, for HADES
  • Mark of the Trojan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Spartan, for ALL
  • Mark of the Legionnaire, for ARES
  • Mark of the Mercenary, for ZEUS
  • Mark of the Deep, for POSEIDON

God of War: Ascension Patch Screenshot 3

God of War: Ascension Patch Screenshot 1

God of War: Ascension Patch Screenshot 2

Sony Santa Monica notes that more marks will be included in a future patch and that the studio is currently working on fixing the audio issues in God of War: Ascension which many players have complained about.

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