Debut gameplay trailer released for Rain, associate producer hopes it will be PSN’s next Journey

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If you’re a fan of atmospheric singleplayer games such as Ico or Silent Hill 2 then SCE Japan Studio’s upcoming PSN exclusive Rain deserves to be on your radar. First announced at gamescom last year, Rain looks to be an immersive and innovative adventure game about a boy chasing after a ghostly girl through the rain-soaked streets of a seemingly deserted town.

Sony recently released the first gameplay video for Rain that features a considerable slice of action from Chapter 1, entitled “The Children and the Night”.

Take a look below:

This gameplay trailer reveals that Rain will have pre-programmed camera angles like Ico, and unobtrusive on-screen text that helps to push the narrative along in a similar fashion to The Unfinished Swan.

Speaking to CVG, Rain’s associate producer Ken Suzuta said he hopes the game will be as much of a success as other popular PSN exclusives such as Journey:

“We feel very excited because it shows there’s a market out there for people who download digital games. Obviously we want to make Rain as big as those titles. We do have that pressure but it motivates us to deliver a good game.”

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Rain is currently scheduled to land on PS3 via PSN sometime this year. Head over here to browse through El33tonline’s previous coverage of this emotive title.

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