Latest Borderlands 2 hot fixes rolling out now ahead of major patch

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On the back of the exciting announcement that Borderlands 2 players can not only look forward to a level cap increase, a new story add-on and a new playable character, Gearbox has just unleashed another torrent of hot fixes for the game ahead of the release of a major title update.

As we like to do, we’ll clear up the difference between a regular downloaded patch, and a hot fix, by quoting… ourselves:

“A hot fix differs from a regular patch, Gearbox explains, in that the former is only stored temporarily in memory on your gaming box of choice after you’ve connected online to the game’s servers, but is lost again once you exit Borderlands 2. A patch, or title update, however, is a permanent salve that you keep in storage (until you delete the patch, that is).”

All caught up? Good. Now it’s time to find out what’s included in the latest Borderlands 2 hot fix, rolling out now across all platforms:

Borderlands 2 Hot Fixes: March 26th

  • Addressed an issue that could cause sound effects to loop during the “Train to Catch” mission.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pimon from spawning in Wildlife Exploitation Reserve if players had completed the “Swallowed Whole” side mission.
  • Resolved a rare issue where players would sometimes be unable to pick up loot dropped by Terramorphous the Invincible.
  • Fixed audio issues for clients using the ‘Hide of Terramorphous’ shield.
  • Prevented exclamation mark from appearing above certain enemies when they are not quest givers.
  • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC: Fixed an issue where Rakkanoth would not always spawn if players were too far away.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Handsome Jack’s name to temporarily be in another language for the final boss fight when playing with a user in a different language.

Gearbox has also been good enough to let everyone know that a full patch for Borderlands 2 is also on the way, this time, with changes mentioned in the Gearbox forums like “inventory/backup/storage increases” and “[more] ammo SDU’s… in the black market along with eridium maximums increased.”

Are you still playing Borderlands 2 or are you waiting for the level cap increase and new content?

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