New Psycho Bandit class and level cap increase for Borderlands 2 announced

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Gearbox Software has revealed that Borderlands 2 will be getting a new Psycho Bandit class as well as the often requested level cap increase.

Borderlands 2: Krieg the Psycho Bandit

The Psycho Bandit will be the sixth vault hunter for the game, he’s called Krieg and will be available on May 10th for $10 or 800 Microsoft Points. Unfortunately he’s not part of the season pass or pre-order bonuses, so if you want to play as a Psycho Bandit you’re going to have to pay. But with his special ability being a melee attack using his Buzz Axe which refills his health we’re not going to complain!

According to Krieg’s skill trees he will get increased burn damage from the Hellborn tree, including when Krieg himself is on fire. The Bloodlust tree will give you damage bonuses from explosive kills, and the Mania tree makes the Buzz Axe recharge faster while taking health damage increases this bonus.

Watch the debut trailer below to see Krieg in action:

More exciting news from Gearbox Software is that the level cap will be increased on April 2nd. The cap will bring the level cap total to 61 by adding 11 new levels, it will be free if you’re a Season Pass holder otherwise available for $4.99.

A new weapon tier will be added on the same day, Pearlescent weapons (previously seen in the original Borderlands) will be the rarest loot in Borderlands 2. Vault Hunters will also be getting a new mode on April 2nd via a free update even if you didn’t purchase the level cap increase. The new Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Mode will be available to you if you’ve beaten the True Vault Hunter Mode and reached level 50, it will scale enemies to the highest level in your party.

Remember that Gearbox will also be bringing another set of downloadable content for Season Pass holders, this fourth campaign is expected to be available before the end of June. You can check out a teaser of the new campaign below, although please note that this is an off-screen grab.

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