El33t’s Pre-Weekend Post: Gears, Islands and Dead Space

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We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday yesterday in South Africa, and that you’re all getting into the weekend spirit because it’s here! Many of you may have taken a long weekend and be relaxing already, but before you go back to sipping a cocktail in the pool let us know what your plans are in the comments section below.

Here’s what the El33t team will be occupying their time with over the next few days.


“Tomorrow I’ll be taking my wife to China Mall and Waste Centre to pick up some materials for her cosplaying endeavours. This weekend I’ll also be working my way through the backlog of films I want to see and playing some more Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for an upcoming review. I’m also trying to complete 100 ‘missions’ in Dead or Alive 5 so I can unlock the character Pai from the Virtua Fighter series. Only 8 or so to go…”

Have a great weekend!”

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“It’s a fab long weekend here in South Africa and what better way to kick back and enjoy some epic games. I’ve got a lot lined up and hoping I get to spend some quality time with them all.

SimCity has my attention, or at least my needy citizens of Minis Tirith demand my constant attention to pander to their every whim. I’m wanting to get into StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and get reacquainted with Kerrigan and talk about her childhood and how it impacted her career choice.

Last but certainly not least, there is Gears of War: Judgment to experience in all its glory. Tons of gaming to be had, maybe a movie like Oz in between to give the hands a break from the controller, and before you know it will be Monday.

Good luck with your plans!”

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“Dead Island four player co-op tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

This must be the most exciting weekend I’ve had since my birthday weekend – tomorrow I am getting together with El33t crew-member Russell, former El33t crew-member Oltman, and some other dude to play through the Dead Island campaign in four player co-op mode. I don’t know if I’m more excited about my wife sacrificing her morning so I can get some game time in or if I’m more excited about the game but I know I am going to have LOADS of fun!

Simply cannot wait!!! (as you can judge by all of my exclamation marks)”

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“It’s another uncertain weekend with certain promises and possibilities in-between, so as I wait on tenterhooks for a chance to fall infinitely into a brand new game world over the next two days, I hope to be chilling with maw peeps with movie, beach and game times, too.

Oh, and Gears of War: Judgment.

Have a great weekend, everybody!”

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“It’s Gears of War: Judgment launch day, and I can’t wait to experience the singleplayer campaign and jump into multiplayer with my online buddies. It’s been a long time waiting for the new Gears of War game, and things are going to be busy online with the Gears community for the next few months.

I also have the new Dead Space 3 downloadable content to look forward to, and I’m also going to get the latest multiplayer add-on for Tomb Raider to enjoy this weekend. In between gaming there will be movies, relaxing, and hopefully a visit to the beach. Enjoy the next few days everyone!”

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