El33tonline’s Friday Face Off: Marcus versus Baird

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Last week our Friday Face-Off saw Kratos pitted against Dante. Thanks to everyone who voted, but who won the bout?

Most of the votes went in favour of Kratos, with many of you believing his rage would just be too much for Dante to handle. The general opinion was that Kratos’ Blades of Chaos would prove too much for Dante’s sword Rebellion.

Kratos won the face-off with 15 votes, while Dante came in with just 4 votes. For this reason we have thought of a better match for Kratos, who we will be revealing in the next few weeks. Any ideas who it might be?

It’s Gears of War: Judgment launch day here in South Africa, and to celebrate this week we’ve chosen Marcus from Gears of War 3 to face off against Baird from Gears of War: Judgment.

El33tonline's Friday Face Off: Marcus versus Baird Banner Image

If these two battle-hardened COGS had to go toe to toe, who do you think would win?

It’s Marcus versus Baird – cast your vote below!

Friday Face Off, round 1, fight!

(If you have a suggestion for Friday Face Off that you would like to put to the El33tonline community, mail it to lisa[@]el33tonline.comand we’ll add it to our feature list, with credit of course!)

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