Will the real Lara Croft please stand up? In-depth Tomb Raider player stats revealed

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Since the release of Tomb Raider earlier this month, it looks as though a few hundred thousand jokers have taken to impersonating Lara Croft and recreating her adventures by following in her footsteps, essentially copying everything the famed explorer has achieved except millions of times over.

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Square Enix has been tracking all of the imposters while recording statistics of your actions fed to them through a complicated series of networks and eyes on the ground.

How many deers and enemies have you killed? How many tombs have you all collectively raided in your attempt to flatter Ms. Croft with your imitation of her antics?

Here’s the full list of statistics showing how many times Tomb Raider players have carried out a range of actions in the game:

  • 5,294,879 deer have been killed

  • 1,417,750 crabs killed

  • 13,742,891 close calls

  • 11,067,764 enemy attacks dodged

  • 147,675,058 enemies killed with the bow

  • 20,601,302 enemies killed with a fire arrow

  • 356,988,302 arrows salvaged and looted

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But most of all, Croft imposters (or ‘Croftposters’) have raided a total of 3,570,956 tombs, so Square Enix has reluctantly recognised you as the adventurers you are and, perhaps one of you is indeed the real Lara Croft.

Have you played Tomb Raider yet to discover the latest (prequel) journey of Ms. Croft?

Source: Square Enix

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