Xbox 360-exclusive Tomb Raider multiplayer DLC out now with more Caves and Cliffs to explore

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The promised Xbox 360 timed exclusive multiplayer downloadable content for Tomb Raider is now available for purchase on Xbox LIVE – ready and waiting to provide an extra three maps to explore across all of the game’s competitive online modes – with an all-new gameplay trailer launched to showcase the action.

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Called the ‘Caves and Cliffs Map Pack,’ you’ll be able to grab this extra content for only 400 of your MS Points – a fair trade considering how much fun the online modes can be. Here’s a reminder of the maps available in the pack, followed by the trailer:

Scavenger Caverns

An extensive subterranean network of caves used by the island’s scavengers as an underground prison.

Cliff Shantytown

This scavenger settlement was built high up on the island cliffs. Its many layers hide some of the deadliest traps on the island.

The Burning Village

A raging fire has embraced an abandoned Japanese village, the burning buildings offer multiple ways to escape or engage your enemies.

Tomb Raider – Multiplayer DLC Trailer

Have you dedicated more time to the singleplayer portion of Tomb Raider, or has the multiplayer component begun to contend for your play time?

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