El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Lord of the SimCities, gods of raiding and a prophetic mirror

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Just a little longer to go p33ps! Your Friday is about to make way for relaxing (and busy!) weekend times very soon, so stick that chin up high, ball your fists and do your best impression of a soldier marching ever onwards towards victory.

If you’re sitting at a desk, please keep arm and leg movement to a minimum to avoid broken equipment and an unholy mess that you simply can’t explain.

As you clumsily knock coffee cups and electronics about, head on down below to find out what members of El33tonline will be busy with this weekend, and be sure to let us know your plans too. We’re creepy like that:


“Will I? Won’t I? Will I? Won’t I? Will I? Or won’t I?!

The suspense is killing me but I’ll have my answer tomorrow, so in the meantime I’ll look forward to some Revengeance and time spent with family and friends tomorrow to celebrate my brother’s Birthday day today. Which reminds me…

I hope the weekend treats you exceptionally well, everybody, have a great time no matter what you’re doing!”

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“It’s all about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate this weekend as I explore Dracula’s domain in pursuit of… well, I’m not quite sure about that bit yet! I had forgotten how cool playing games in 3D is so I can’t help but wonder why the videogame industry has been so quiet about 3D of late.

Other than gaming, I need to get new glasses so I can look at a screen without my eyeballs feeling like Kratos is hoicking them out of their sockets!

I hope you all have a relaxing time this weekend!”

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“Like sand in the hour glass, so another week drops away.

As we slowly progress through the year of 2013 and into 2014 (yes, I’m planning ahead) I look forward to spending this weekend catching some rugby, enjoying some time with family, and some homeward clean-up.

On the gaming front, I am slowly working through a backlog of games that is as high as my IQ (I am braced for the onslaught ;)) and after being inspired by Nazi Zombie Army, I am starting on Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare all over again! The multiplayer is a load of fun so if anyone wants to try and organise a session together just let me know!”

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“Similar to my mate brYan I will be working through a backlog of games. Mass Effect 3. Gears of War 2 and 3. Assassins Creed 1, 2 and 3. Dead Island. Batman Arkham City. To name but a few.

Of course this is to be interspersed with quality family time, a birthday party and otherwise good old relaxation. Of course, this is if (and it’s a big if) I can drag myself away from FIFA 13 ‒ my current favourite.

Definitely gotta get a ride in there somewhere as well.”

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“It’s an exhausting weekend ahead for me. SimCity is an all consuming game that has me burning more hours in front of the PC than I have done in years. My bustling city of Minis Tirith is coming along nicely at a population of 60 000 residents but there is much more work to be done. Education is a bit slack at the moment with no University in place and pollution is on the increase thanks to a smoggy coal power facility.

“Unfortunately some families are going to have to be relocated to make way for my new waterfront expansion and no doubt there will be more picketing in front of City Hall. It’s a tough job being mayor so I’m sorry guys and girls my citizens need me so I’m just not going to have time to see you this weekend.”

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“While Wayne is hard at working building educational facilities and solving pollution problems, I will be meeting an old friend in God of War: Ascension. Now that I’ve achieved 100% completion on Tomb Raider, I’ll be spending more time in multiplayer and begin planning my second play through too. I’ll also be working on a few top secret projects, which include games, competitions, and more. But right now that’s on a need to know basis soldiers!

Have an awesome weekend everyone.”

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What are you up to this weekend, p33ps?

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