Finals for the South African Gears of War 3 Grand Finale explode tonight! Who will win?

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CMR and El33tonline Gears of War 3 Grand Finale Tournament Banner

Following on from this week’s semi-finals, tonight will play host to the finals of the Gears of War 3 Grand Finale tournament, and also sees the end to competitive Gears of War 3 play in South Africa.

Before we chat about the finals, let’s give a special mention to the two teams that fell just short of their goal.

The beaten semi-finalists, Johnny Can’t Swim and The Button Mashers, will face-off in the third place play-off before the main event tonight. Both teams should be extremely proud of their performance in the tournament considering that they only officially formed after the announcement of the event.

The semi-finals were quite close affairs, especially in the case of the Button Mashers who have a genuine reason to feel broken after squandering a three round lead over Betrayal. The match will be a battle for pride and hopefully bring out the best in both teams.

Catch up with the action of the Gears of War 3 Grand Finale tournament – watch some of the preliminary matches that kicked off the event in the playlist below:

The finals will be contested by FLS Legion and FLS Betrayal, and despite the FLS clan’s dominance of local Gears this will be the first time that both of these teams contest a final against each other. We should expect to see a very close match as both teams know what to expect from the other.

Legion has quite the pedigree, holding an undefeated record in GOW3 tournament matches with their founding members FLS Legacy and FLS Overlord’s (formerly Kalventer and Cleaverstone) personal record extending back into Gears of War 2. They’ve since gathered a team of top class individually skilled players that perform excellently as a unit as well – no Real Madrid here.

Catch up with the action of the Gears of War 3 Grand Finale tournament – watch some of the group stage matches that formed the meat of the event in the playlist below:

Hopefully standing in the way of Legion’s perfect GOW3 record will be the Betrayal team with FLS Voogle the only member of their team to play the last time these two teams met. His leadership will be key as will the marksmanship of former Legion member Tourniquet. Despite the underdog tag, you can be sure that the Betrayal team won’t fear their FLS comrades.

The final that is scheduled to start at the latest 21:30 tonight should be a fiercely contested match. Unfortunately we haven’t had much success with our live streaming attempts but the matches will be recorded and later uploaded to the CMR YouTube channel for all to see.

Best of luck to both teams.

How did the Grand Finale get to this point? You can watch matches from the semi-finals that saw FLS Betrayal and FLS Legion heading into the finals in the playlist below:

Keep up with the action tonight and follow clan Crimson Moon Rising on Twitter to see the final result of the Grand Finale!

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