DmC: Devil May Cry’s latest DLC out now with tales of Vergil’s Downfall

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Devil May Cry players have already been treated to a free piece of downloadable content in the form of Bloody Palace, which released last week on all platforms, but Capcom recently released brand new content with the launch of the ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ mini campaign

Devil May Cry Vergil's Downfall DLC Screenshot 1

Vergil’s Downfall for DmC: Devil May Cry this time stars Dante’s brother, Vergil, and includes an all-new sidestory with new weapons and enemies in the mix, too.

It’s available now on Xbox LIVE (720 MS Points) as well as PlayStation Network and PC via Steam (both for $8.99). You can see the content in action with screens and a gameplay video over here, but don’t hesitate to look over El33tonline’s previous Devil May Cry coverage, and don’t miss Lisa’s excellent review of the game, either.

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