Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game for March 7th

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It’s time to get those thinking caps out again and time to set that ‘Game Database’ we call a brain to work!

Last week I issued a fun challenge and many of you found a game that you remembered – here are the answers for last week’s Guess the Game challenge:

  • 1.) Infernal – 2007
  • 2.) Alien Trilogy – 1997
  • 3.) Clive Barker’s Jericho – 2007
  • 4.) Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza – 2002
  • 5.) TransBot – 1986
  • Bonus: Enduro Racer – 1986

I have a feeling that this week is going to be an easy one for all of you gamers out there, but let’s not waste any more time. Here is this week’s challenge:

Game 1:

Guess the Game: March 7th - Image 1

This game was awesome. It had a whole comic book feel to it and it was the first cel-shaded game I ever played. This game had many great moments. In my opinion, everyone should have played this game.

Game 2:

Guess the Game: March 7th - Image 2

Now this game is not the game you are thinking. This was a prequel to a very popular game that has made an appearance in Guess the Game before. It even had a moment where you crossed paths with the other game and saw a famous spy for a few seconds.

Game 3:

Guess the Game: March 7th - Image 3

This game was challenging. It was the first tactical game I played and you had to really plan how you would approach an objective. It also had a reboot game released not so long ago.

Game 4:

Guess the Game: March 7th - Image 4

Well, this game I never managed to finish. I got stuck in this one horrible place and didn’t know what to do any more. This game had a, let us just say, very revealing cover. It was a very fun game to play and I remember jetpack jumping from place to place.

Game 5:

Guess the Game: March 7th - Image 5

This is another game I never managed to finish and it is still sitting in my backlog. The reason I am showing you this game, as I was planning on playing this to finish it off. It had a very ‘Halo’ feel to it with a mix of Unreal.

Do you know any of these games? Have you played any or all of them? Good luck.