Worldwide Lost Planet 3 release dates announced with box art reveal!

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Lost Planet 3 Banner Logo

We had just got done speaking about the Japanese release date for Lost Planet 3, and now today Capcom has officially confirmed release dates for the game across Europe and North America!

Lost Planet 3 is in the hands of developer Spark Unlimited this time around and acts as a prequel to the events of Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2, giving you the chance to once again go on frozen adventures through the tundra and extreme conditions of the alien planet E.D.N. III. If you haven’t yet made yourself familiar with the game, then settle in for a spell.

Lost Planet 3 Artwork 1

Lost Planet 3 puts you in the snow-encrusted boots of Jim Peyton, a miner (of sorts) who has journeyed through the far reaches of space from Earth all the way to an ice planet known as E.D.N. III. Leaving his family behind in the hopes of earning enough money to support them back home, Peyton helps collect Thermal Energy, or T-Eng, while continuing terraforming operations on the planet to build a new life for the people of Earth.

The creatures of E.D.N. III, however, the alien Akrid, aren’t too keen on Peyton and his crew’s disturbances and soon break out of their caves and other underground lairs to make life very difficult for the colonists, but the Akrid aren’t the only mysteries on this planet. Is the mining company, NEVEC, really the first human expedition to E.D.N. III?

Lost Planet 3 Screenshot 5

Peyton will venture out of the safety of the colonies to find and accrue T-Eng both on-foot and by roaming around in his enormous mech-like Utility Rig vehicle, which is a great defence against the larger Akrid, while traditional weapons can take care of the smaller enemies. The mysteries of E.D.N. III also need resolution as Peyton explores abandoned facilities and ancient networks of underground caverns, adding an excellent feeling of adventure to the game.

When will we get our hands on the game? Lost Planet 3 is out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on June 25th in North America, and June 28th across Europe!

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Get your first look at the official box art for Lost Planet 3 to see what you’ll be looking out for on store shelves at the end of June:

Lost Planet 3 Box Art - PC

Lost Planet 3 Box Art - PS3

Lost Planet 3 Box Art - Xbox 360

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