New God of War: Ascension developer diary discusses singleplayer enhancements

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God of War: Ascension Manticore

It’s been three years since God of War III was released so you can understand PlayStation fans’ immense excitement for the launch of God of War: Ascension next week. If the game’s recent demo is anything to go by, GoW: Ascension will be another epic outing for Kratos and one of the final testaments to the PS3’s graphical potential before the PS4 is released later this year.

Santa Monica Studio has released a new developer diary for the game detailing some of the new features in GoW: Ascension’s singleplayer mode. From shifting environments to new combat abilities, the developer seems set on making the transition from GoW III to GoW: Ascension as significant as the one between the first two games in the series.

Take a look below:

God of War: Ascension will be released on March 12th in the US and March 15th in the UK.

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