Gears of War: Judgment gets unlockable ‘Aftermath’ campaign set during events of Gears of War 3

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Let’s makes this very clear right off the bat: This month’s Gears of War: Judgment is very definitely a prequel to the events of the entire Gears of War trilogy, this time focussing on the adventures (and military trial) of Damon Baird, a character we’ve come to know primarily as a genius engineer.

An additional unlockable Gears of War: Judgment campaign has recently been revealed, however, which will give us some insight into what happened at the end of Gears of War 3, just as Marcus Fenix and his cohorts were attempting to defeat the Locust Queen.

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The campaign, called ‘Aftermath,’ is said to be roughly two hours long and stars series heroes Baird and Augustus ‘The Cole Train’ Cole, who will meet with protagonists introduced in Judgment to go on an adventure all of their own as Marcus takes the Queen head-on.

Judgment’s lead level designer Jim Brown said of Aftermath:

“We wanted to do something that added context to the game, so you had that beginning part, but then this ties everything together with the main trilogy as well. So you’ll see when you go in there some people you recognise, some places, maybe even some enemies and then see how the two storylines weave together in the context of the whole franchise.”

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“Obviously we don’t want to give away too many spoilers in how it’s going to end or what you’re going to see,” Brown added. “But the basic gist of it is that when they’re at the fort, Marcus sends Barrett and Cole off to find supplies and reinforcements, and then he goes off to Azura. Then at the very end they show up with helicopters. This is where they went and what they did on that mission.”

Aftermath isn’t just available to you once you finish Gears of War: Judgment, though – you’ll need to earn that unlockable content by earning ‘stars’ during the game’s main campaign by completing certain in-game tasks, some of which will be easier to achieve once you find special Gears of War ‘Omen’ tags on walls and ‘Declassify’ sections of the game’s story to show players what really happened in this prequel tale, told through flashbacks.

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Gears of War: Judgment is out on March 19th in North America and March 22nd in Europe, exclusively on Xbox 360. Don’t miss El33tonline’s previous coverage for trailers, screenshots and more information about the game.

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Source: Official Xbox Magazine

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