El33t’s Question of the Day: Has a scene in a game ever made you stop playing?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

News recently surfaced regarding the reaction of an Irrational Games employee to a certain section of Bioshock Infinite, the very game he was helping to make.

This employee had such a visceral, negative reaction to the scene (which is still a mystery) that he tried to resign from Irrational Games, but after speaking with studio head Ken Levine, the employee ended up staying and Levine was given a better understanding of how much of an impact the game could possibly have on a player.

This Question of the Day asks:

Has a scene in a game ever made you stop playing?

Levine discusses the incident in a video interview and describes the employee’s instantaneous, unwavering gut response to this particular scene, but have you ever had such a reaction to content in a game?

When is the last time a game challenged you, your thoughts and beliefs? Are there such games that are able to ask you tough questions? Or are you visceral reactions limited to rage quitting?

Warning: Some community responses may include spoilers…

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