Battlefield Friday War Report: The A-Team

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Battlefield 3 is all about team work – we all know this by now. If you try and go on your own, you will have an epic time trying to stay alive, but working as a team is the recommended route. If you joined us during our matches on Friday, then you would have seen what real team-work looks like. The setting was Squad Deathmatch with four squads of four. First to 50 kills wins.

Here is how the evening went down…

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I came online and saw Randomwalsh playing some Battlefield 3, so we tried joining his game but it seems like his server was full. Smuroh and I decided to take on the co-op side of the game and see if we couldn’t finish that off, but with a couple of ‘missed’ shots we failed. With Griff3nZA joining us, we decided to jump back into the multiplayer side, so we started squad deathmatch.

We didn’t start off very well, as we had to wait for three more players to join the server so we were just running around trying to stay alive – but then the official game started. We stayed as a unit and moved around the map to try and destroy an armoured tank and stay alive.

The match didn’t end that well for us, as we were bit rusty, but then round two started. We got access to a tank and we moved through the map searching out the enemy teams. We had a good strategy going, using the tank as the decoy and picking off enemies that ran out of cover.

Battlefield 3 - Armored Kill Armored Shield

At one stage the tank got stuck in the open and couldn’t move. All the enemies flocked to its location like moths to a flame. We dominated that round. We used the same tactics again, and why not? If it worked once it would work again. We started destroying everything, with Smuroh was the recon, spotting all the enemies, and Griff3nZA as the medic to revive if we got taken out. I was the engineer and the tank driver. This combination worked perfectly.

During the last round of the evening, squad deathmatch on Ziba Towers, there was Close Quarters action of epic proportions. We had some epic battles from the word go as everyone spawned in the same room. With this being a CQ map, we had to change our tactics as we didn’t have a tank to use, but we found a position and almost converted the game into King of the Hill.

There were two ways to access our position: The staircase on the left and a staircase on the right. We had three enemy squads working as one large team, trying to overrun us, but with two medics, a sniper and a support soldier that gave us ammo, we were unstoppable. We truly dominated the match and were crowned victorious at the end of the evening.

Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters DLC Screenshot 1

Thanks to everyone who joined in on Battlefield Friday. See you all this Friday, from 20:15 on Xbox LIVE, when the action continues again!

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