El33t’s Pre-Weekend Post: New beginnings, birthdays, and games!

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Happy 1st of March everyone! Hold on to your hats, this could get a little bumpy…

This week has been another rollercoaster ride as the industry keeps on pumping out trailers, screenshots, and information about upcoming games. We held on for our dear lives, bobbing two and fro, as we were swept away in its exhilarating rush.

So this weekend the El33t team will be enjoying some R & R, how about you?


“As a certain Queen song thunders in my brain and I consider the unpleasantness of eating a mouthful of dirt, I’m happy to confirm that the month of February 2013 has passed away and we’ve been presented with a newborn March – aw, isn’t it so cute? With a new month comes new challenges and excitement, however, and I don’t expect the latest calendar grouping to be any easier than the last one. Quite the opposite. In the world of videogames, March is by far packed with more quality titles than we’ve become accustomed to at this time of the year and may very well host the release of a few Game of the Year contenders, so it’ll be a busy time indeed.

This weekend, however, I’ll be doing what I can to prepare for the coming onslaught and hopefully see some friends if time permits, and in terms of gaming, there’s Crysis 3 multiplayer to hop back into, a Dead Space 3 campaign to complete, and many, many backlog titles in which to invest some time.

I hope you all are doing exactly what you plan on doing this weekend, and you have a great time doing just that. Have a good one, p33ps!”

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“This weekend I will be doing as little as possible.

I will be learning some skills in FIFA 13 including the chip overhead pass, the 1-2, and maybe improve on my dribbling. I’m tired of Tom beating me on FIFA Tuesdays.
Also, I will be completing my review of Special Forces Team X. There will be other games, but those are the two I will be focussing on.

Of course there will be the normal terrorist suppression : um : I mean looking after the kids.”

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“This weekend is one that comes by for everyone once a year and I’ve been enjoying these my entire life and they never grow old. Well, technically they never grow old. The truth is, they only come by because I am growing old. Is that called ironic?

The past year has been an epic year for me – I enjoyed my 33 working for 33, my little future-Springbok was born, and I’ve changed jobs, changed houses, and changed my underpants. All-in-all, a fantastic year.

To commemorate the passing of my l33t year and the entry into near-middle-agedness, I have declared Friday through Monday my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! As fittingly as possible, I am going to watch (reportedly the dreaded) Prometheus for no other reason other than completeness (you cannot forget Alien IV, so you may as well bookend the movies with equally forgettable bad movies, right?), I am going to eat Chinese food (it’s been a long while), and I am going to watch the Sharks seek revenge on the Stormers while I munch on chips and dip.

In between all of this I intend to play my new pressie from El33tonline – Nazi Zombie Army – and tell you all how fantastic it is (one hopes).

Monday is my official B-Day but that doesn’t constitute the weekend for anyone else, so I’ll end my post with Sunday, which is a family birthday braai (bring on sunny weather please).

Have a great weekend p33ps and you can email me any DLC codes for my pressies!

(I am very proud to say my buddy is actually picking Jonathan Kaplan up from the airport and spending the day trailing him around so I have an inside track to make sure I score maximum points on my Superbru prediction.)

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“Tonight the Proteas are playing Pakistan in a T20 match and tomorrow is the Sharks versus the Stormers so I’m really looking forward to catching both these games.

Aside from doing some chores around the house, spending time with my family and catching up on one or two movies, I’ll be playing some more Sleeping Dogs and Persona 4 Golden – both of which I’m enjoying immensely. March is jam-packed with massive releases so it’s probably best I get these games done and dusted before the downpour of new titles begins!”

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“Lara Croft is in the house, and so I’m going to be spending most of my time with my favourite Tomb Raider. It’s been an incredible development journey that I’ve followed closely, and it’s actually quite hard to believe that the day has finally dawned when I can play the final game. My Collector’s Edition will arrive on Tuesday, and then I’ll get to experience a whole new kind of awesome in unwrapping that sweet bundle.

Have a happy weekend p33ps, wherever you may find yourselves over the next few days. Hopefully you’ll be able to spend some of it playing an awesome game too. See you back here on Monday, can’t wait to share some exciting features with you all then!”

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