Zeus and Isaac enter the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale arena, plus new map revealed

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Sony is still supporting its mascot brawler PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale with post-launch content, this despite the publisher parting ways with developer SuperBot Entertainment earlier this month.

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As promised the title’s downloadable content will be fully supported in-house by Santa Monica Studio, and we now have confirmation that two new PlayStation All-Stars challengers are entering the arena, Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Zeus from God of War (and Greek mythology of course!).

Seth Killian, Lead Game Designer at Sony Santa Monica Studio, explained that there are many Dead Space fans on their team and after chatting to EA they knew Isaac would be a great addition to PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. The team also wanted to add another “heavy, hard hitting” character to the roster because “Big Daddy was getting lonely” and so Zeus was a logical move based on the studio’s work on God of War: Ascension.

You can read more about Isaac and Zeus’ abilities in the game over here, and also see them in action below. There’s also a new level for the game, “Graveyard” is a mix between MediEvil’s Graveyard opening and The Unfinished Swan.

The new downloadable content will be available on the PlayStation Store on March 19th. The new Graveyard stage will be free in online ranked matches and $1.99 if you want to buy it. Zeus and Isaac will be available for free to North American gamers, you’ll get a redeemable downloadable voucher code with God of War: Ascension on March 12th. The two characters will go live on March 19th and you can then redeem them using your code. Otherwise they’ll cost you $4.99 each from the PlayStation Store.
No word yet from Sony about the availability of this new downloadable content in Europe, but stay tuned for updates.

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Zeus

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Isaac

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