Crysis 3 Review (Xbox 360)

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If there’s one thing that the Crysis series of first-person shooters is known for, it’s the graphics. While other games on PC and console have demonstrated tour de force visuals and passed the graphics crown amongst themselves, Crytek’s shooters have always been the monarchs-in-waiting. The Crysis style of suit-based ability gameplay has remained a cornerstone of the franchise, too, giving players the chance to enhance capabilities for stealth, speed and strength on a whim, and as a given gunfight dictates.

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What the Crysis series isn’t known for, however, is a consistent scale to its settings or a well developed plot, while developer Crytek has inconsistently managed to successfully harness exciting gameplay possibilities inherent in the series’ premise of a technologically enhanced super soldier able to adapt combat strategies on-the-fly, with potentially rewarding and challenging second-to-second decisions as the result.

Keeping these series trends in mind, Crysis 3 is something of a known quantity, save for the excellent multiplayer gameplay that exhibits the potential that seems to have eluded Crytek all these years.

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