Wii Mini launch date and titles confirmed for UK

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Last year Nintendo announced that the Wii Mini, a brand new redesigned version of the Wii console, would be launching exclusively in Canada. At that stage there was no information about its potential availability in other territories.

Wii Mini - Official Image 3

Today Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii Mini will be available in the UK next month, and that it will be launching alongside a number of new Nintendo Selects titles.

The Wii Mini is smaller than the original Wii and comes in matte black with a red border. A red Wii Remote Plus and red Nunchuk controller will come bundled with the new console, although it’s good to note that the Wii Mini is compatible with most existing Wii accessories too. The console does not feature any internet capabilities.

It will also launch alongside a bunch of new Nintendo Selects titles, including Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario.

The Wii Mini will be available on March 22nd in the UK.

Wii Mini - Official Image 2

What do you think of the Wii Mini? Would you be interested in purchasing this new redesigned console if you don’t already own a Wii or Wii U console?

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